Q&A with PULSE in Hospitality Design magazine

  • Describe your business in one sentence.
Pulse ShowerSpas prides itself on being one of the leading manufacturers in decorative plumbing, specializing in shower panels and shower systems.  
  • How has your company evolved over the years?
Pulse ShowerSpas continues to evolve by constantly improving product designs, enhancing product finishes and introducing new product lines in its 15 years. Ongoing studies and analysis of market needs has helped position Pulse to be one on of the most innovative shower fixture manufactures in the market. The implementation of launching new products and diverse lines has solidified Pulse’s position in the decorative plumbing industry.  
  • How important is customization? How has it enhanced your products or relationships with clients?
Customization in this day and age is a huge part of creating the connection with your end customer. In today’s world everyone is looking for something unique that meets their needs. I always say, PULSE is small enough to create a unique product, develop a private label, design and manufacture an exclusive product, but most importantly big enough to actually make it happen.  
  • What do you have planned for the upcoming year?
The natural evolution for PULSE is to keep growing the line into other bathroom fixtures such as freestanding tubs and tub fillers, safety bars for the growing aging in place market and also bathroom faucets. Part of these products are already a reality for PULSE but we have much more coming real soon.  
  • Tell us about new products/innovations you’re introducing.
One of our focuses right now is developing products that are water saving. PULSE is located in California where water conservation is an instrumental part of our everyday life. The re-engineering of our body jets and fixtures have given PULSE the advantage of keeping our shower panels as an option for areas where low GPM are enforced. We have also developed LED temperature readers that do not need batteries or electricity to function. They are completely water power generated and are available in our line.  
  • What is your company’s process for creating new products?
The first step is to always listen. We listen to customers, our builders, our contractors and our team members. Once we have established a clear idea of what people are looking for in their shower experience, we begin to sketching some ideas and create the 3D files. This part is all done in-house, right here in California. Once we’ve created the 3D files we meet with our engineers at our manufacturing facility in China and finalize all the details. Being open to new concepts and trends is most important through this entire process.
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