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Q. What size pipe do I need for the Showerspa, ½’’ or ¾’’?

A.  The PULSE Showerspa is set up for ½’’ supply lines. If you have ¾’’ supply lines you can reduce them at the stub out location to ½’’.

Q. Can I use them in new construction?

A. Yes, builders are utilizing the PULSE Showerspa more and more because of the ease of installation and all the showering functions incorporated into one system.

Q. How much pressure do I need to have performance from the jets?

A. We recommend 45psi or above. They will function on less, however the performance may be affected.

Q. How much does a Showerspa weigh?

A. The Showerspas range in weight from 25 to 35lbs.

Q. Can I have two functions operating at the same time?

A. It depends on the model. Most models have a single control/diverter valve where you select one function at a time. However some models are plumbed with two diverters allowing you to operate two functions at the same time.

Q. What is the rain showerhead spray like?

A. It is a very soothing effect, for a more concentrated spray most people switch to the handheld, a nice option to have.

Q. Do the Showerspas come with all hardware for installation?

A. All the hardware to mount the Showerspa is included. Depending on the situation, some plumbing connectors/fittings may need to be purchased to complete the plumbing connections.

Q. Does PULSE Showerspas carry replacement parts?

A. Yes, we inventory spare parts for all our models.

Q. How do I know if the jets have a massaging action?

A. Refer to the specification pages for the particular model you are interested in or give us a call or send an email.

Q. Should a licensed plumbing contractor install my Showerspa?

A. PULSE recommends a licensed plumbing contractor complete the installation but a handy person with plumbing experience should be able to complete the installation. We recommend you follow all local plumbing codes when installing.

Q. What is the warranty period for my PULSE Showerspa?

A. Three year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. Do I need a special enclosure in my shower?

A.  You need to take preventative measures so water doesn’t escape the shower area.

Q. Can the jets be cleaned out if they clog?

A. Most of the Showerspa jets have flexible rubber tips which help to eliminate mineral build-up.

Q. How do I clean my Showerspa?

A. Use mild cleaners without any abrasives or harsh chemicals. To help keep the Showerspa clean, we recommend a coat of wax or a RainX® type of product be applied a 3-4 times a year and wipe off the Showerspa after each use.

Q. Will the any Shower Systems work with my shower valve?

A. Yes, the Lanikai1028-CH/BN and all of our “Shower Systems” units will work with your currentvalve. 

Q. Can all functions of Lanikai shower system operate simultaneously?

A. No, the Lanikai 1028-CH/BN is not designed tooperate all three functions simultaneously. 

Q. What is the difference between Kauai-II and the Kauai-III?

A. theshower head or the handheld). We added a 45 degree swivel joint(so that thehandheld hose could swing more easily from left to right). Also, the Kauai IIIis one inch shorter than the Kauai II. 

Q. Can I exchange my Kauai III bar for a shorter one?

A. No,you cannot exchange it for a 22 1/8” short bar. If you need a short bar, you can purchase the 22 1/8” bar directly from our website. Provided isthe link for purchase.

Q. Do you need a valve and trim kit for the 1028-CH/BN?

A. Yes,you will need a valve and trim kit if you are doing a complete remodel. As amatter of fact, you need a valve and trim kit for all of our “Shower Systems”units if doing a complete remodel. 

Q. Is the Mojave made of all metal or plastic?

A. Boththe Mojave 1016 and Navajo 1018 panels are made of hammered copper and allparts (except the handheld) are made of brass. 

Q. Can I reverse the Kauai’s hand held holder?

A. Absolutely you can position the hand showerholder to your preference – left or right.