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12 small bathroom ideas to create a luxurious sanctuary

April 5, 2023
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Maximize your space with these savvy decorating ideas

Asmall bathroom may provide some challenges when it comes to finding storage for all your essentials, but with these handy decorating ideas you can transform even the most compact space into a luxurious and practical bathroom that all the family will love.

Whether you want to find ways to make a small bathroom look bigger or are looking for savvy storage solutions, get inspiration from these beautiful bijou bathrooms…

Choose multipurpose accessories

Bathroom mirror with combined shelf

Your accessories need to work harder than ever in small rooms, so it makes sense to choose multipurpose pieces such as a mirror with combined shelf to save precious wall space and offer extra storage for your essentials. (Photo: Wilko)

Utilise the full height of the room

Small bathroom with full-height shelving

If you only have space for one slim storage cabinet in your bathroom, make full use of the space by installing shelving that reaches all the way to the ceiling to store everything from towels to toiletries. (Photo: Caffe Latte)

Switch up your sink

Christy towels wall mounted basin

There are lots of clever changes you can make within your bathroom to free up space, and switching a traditional sink for a wall-mounted basin is one that can make a huge difference. You’ll gain valuable room that can be used for other things, such as storing a stool out the way as pictured, or even hanging your hand towel underneath to free up wall space elsewhere. (Photo: Christy)

Choose a vanity to maximise storage

Small bathroom with a vanity unit

Alternatively, make your sink one of the focal points of the room by adding one with a vanity unit underneath to provide valuable storage without taking up too much extra floor space.

Choose half-tiled walls

Big Bathroom Shop tiled walls

Tiling the bottom half of your walls can help to make your small bathroom appear bigger. With a slim vanity sink unit, a moveable storage basket and clever built-in storage shelf, this bathroom ticks all the boxes. (Photo: Big Bathroom Shop)

Rethink your bath

Dunelm Oval shaped bath with bath rack

An oval shape bath can give the illusion of more space in your bathroom, while a bath rack offers a chic solution to keep your toiletries and essentials close at hand if you’re lacking on storage. (Photo: Dunelm)

Use a storage trolley

IKEA slimline storage trolley

A slimline storage trolley can be a great way to provide storage for a small bathroom on a budget, and has the benefit of being able to be moved out to make space when needed. (Photo: IKEA)

Invest in a large mirror

The Range bathroom wallpaper

Mirrors are a surefire way to make any small room feel bigger, and bathrooms are no exception. Hang a large mirror over your sink to reflect light, open up the space and make a design statement that can instantly transform your bathroom. (Photo: The Range)

Make the most of your space

Small dark bathroom with storage

Even a small bathroom or en suite can provide useful storage with some clever styling, as seen here. A shelf built in behind the toilet doubles up as a space for a diffuser and soap, while a high cabinet provides extra room for storing all your essentials without taking up valuable floor space. Meanwhile, wood accents and bright lighting provide the perfect contrast to dark bathroom décor.

Opt for light and bright colours

Small bathroom with colourful tiles

Wondering what colour makes a small bathroom look bigger? Light and bright tones are the way to go. Tiles can help to reflect light, while using these marble-effect tiles across the wall, floor and bath panel also help to give the illusion of more space.

Move your towel rail

Small bathroom with a raised towel rail

A towel rail can take up a lot of wall space, which may be at a premium in a smaller bathroom, so why not opt for a smaller model and move somewhere else, such as next to the sink (as pictured) or even at the end of your bath to free up more room for other useful furniture and accessories.

Make use of your windowsills

Small bathroom with styled windowsill

If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, some careful styling will allow it to double up as a display shelf without looking cluttered. Put essentials like cotton wool into glass jars and baskets for a chic spa-like aesthetic. (Photo: Garden Trading)

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