Spa-Style Shower Systems

Multi-featured shower systems continue to provide a personal refuge for consumers, and as such, designers strive to use this space to create a customized health and wellness center that contributes to the spa bath ambiance. Spacious and open, today’s showers are expected to offer a soothing sense of serenity, while also housing everything from body sprays, handsprays and rainshower heads to music, lighting and steam.

New technology also adds a host of options, from app-driven features to touch-control and pre-programmed settings for time, temperature and water flow. At the same time, many homeowners are looking for sleek and simple designs that will allow them to age in place.

Below are some of the hottest trends in shower systems right now.

–The shower/tub combo seems to be losing ground, as a growing number of consumers seek a standalone shower, with or without a freestanding tub. In the case of remodels, that often means the size of the shower coincides with the tubs they are replacing (usually 30”x60”). However, in the case of new construction, or where the desire is for a more expansive luxury shower, dimensions of 36”x60” or larger are often preferred to provide space for two shower heads, multiple body sprays, steam and room for seating.

–Regardless of size, consumers are looking for open, uncluttered shower spaces that boast classic finishes and easy access.

–Exposed shower systems are trending, with consumers eager to show off their trendy new showers – and, as an added bonus, exposed plumbing fixtures help minimize costs when repairs are needed, since walls don’t have to be torn out to get to the problem.

–Wellness continues to be a driving factor in shower system features, with elements that promote health and relaxation in high demand. These include multiple water ports, music, chromatherapy and aromatherapy, among others.

–Advances in technology are creating new options, from digital controls and touch operation to apps that pre-set shower time and temperature. However, for some, too much “tech” is at odds with the desired spa-like feel, so many still opt for less (or concealed) technology elements.

–Universal Design continues to impact showers, not just for seniors, but for many market segments, with increased demand for convenience features ranging from body sprays and handshowers with slide bars to doorless or curbless designs and linear drains. Additionally, water conservation requirements are driving interest in high-performance shower systems that give the feeling of more water while actually using less.