The easy way to transform your bathroom

I still remember the first day at work here at Pulse. A lot of things to learn about the company and how to develop a marketing strategy for the company, however the most important thing I had to learn was HOW TO INSTALL THE SHOWER. After few months working at Pulse I decided to take one of the showers home and install it myself. It is important to mention that I had ZERO experience with plumbing. My wife even asked me couple times if I was going to install my new Kauai III by myself. Well, I had to. In the end of the day I was working for a shower manufacturer. For my surprise, after 30 minutes I was done. My shower never looked that nice before. Next day at work I knew I had a big project to work. The project was: SHOW OUR CUSTOMERS HOW EASY IT IS TO INSTALL A PULSE SHOWERSPA. We made a decision to create a video and the result you can see below. Enjoy it and install your Pulse ShowerSpas today. I am sure you can.