About Us

Welcome to PULSE ShowerSpas

297 Anna St. / Watsonville / CA / 95076

Sketches to the 3D concepts are all created in-house by our dedicated team.Once designs are approved, they’re sent to our factories where our engineers are able to develop the final prototypes prior to production.
Extensive work and collaboration between our design team and engineers ensure the drafted products are analyzed, evaluated and tested before launching into production.


All PULSE shower systems and accessories are designed at our Central Coast, California Headquarters. 
PULSE ShowerSpas manufactures products in China and Mexico, with assembly of specific specialty units here in America. Our factories are equipped with experienced engineers, sophisticated testing labs, state of the art robotic assembly lines and a great support team that has daily collaborative meetings with PULSE’s China office. Our focus has been from the very beginning to bring innovation, performance and value at the most competitive price possible.


PULSE ShowersSpas, Inc. is committed to providing quality products, innovative in design and flawless in function at an affordable price. We are dedicated to establishing and more importantly supporting an extensive network of authorized dealers throughout North America that display and sell our unique line of ShowerSpas & accessories.

We pride ourselves on having one of the most diverse lines ofpre-plumbed shower systems on the market today. When it comes to feeling refreshed and invigorated, nothing helps you achieve that state of renewed vitality quite like a PULSE ShowerSpa.

Muchmore than just a shower.

PULSE ShowerSpas takes great pride being more than just your average shower fixture and accessory manufacturer. We are 100% committed to the satisfaction of our customers and improving their showering experience both functionally and aesthetically.

Through the years, PULSE has learned much about our customer’s needs and what makes a shower experience exceed their expectations. With the market data, PULSE takes to the conceptual phase using an open minded approach; brainstorming possibilities of form and function until such time a superior product concept is achieved. It is our passion to continually bring innovation and new possibilities to the market place.