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Invigorate your body. Decorate your bath. Easily transform a traditional shower into a showering sanctuary with a PULSE Showerspa system. Our Showerspas combine the exhilaration of 4 - 8 hydro-massaging body sprays, soothing rainfall or multi-function showerhead and convenient hand-held wand into an easy to install, pre-plumbed shower panel. Choose from several elegant, distinctive styles, all creating hydro euphoria through the power of water. Massage, rejuvenate, relax, refresh…you decide!


Model Name: Aloha
Model Number: 1021
Color Options: Brushed Stainless

The Aloha greets you with style and soothing stimulation.
Easily converts virtually any shower into a complete shower system with 3 different functions...
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Model Name: Aqua Rain
Model Number: 1019
Color Options: Chrome

The Aqua Rain adds style and function to any shower!

The Aqua Rain shower system replaces your existing shower head with an oversized rain shower...
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Model Name: Bonzai
Model Number: 1017
Color Options:
Silver | Black

The Bonzai boldly transforms any shower!
Designed to utilize your existing valve & connect via the old showerarm/head...

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Model Name: Lanikai
Model Number: 1028
Color Options:

The Lanikai redefines the ease of installation!

The Lanikai 3 Function Shower System quickly and easily ...
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Model Name: Kauai II
Model Number: 1011
Color Options:
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze

The Kauai is brilliantly simple!

Designed to use your existing ...
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Model Name: Splash
Model Number: 1020
Color Options: Silver | Black

The Splash rain shower system
replaces your existing shower head in minutes with a complete shower system....
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Model Name: Hanalei
Model Number: 1032
Color Options: Super White

The Hanalei is simply astonishing!

A pure white tempered glass panel, polished chrome fixtures and anodized aluminum frame...
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Model Name: Kailua
Model Number: 1007
Color Options: Silver|White

The Kailua Showerspa is a Classic!

Constructed of fiberglass with a durable acrylic finish, the retro looking Kailua has 6 dual function..
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Model Name: Kihei II
Model Number: 1013-GL
Color Options: Silver

The Kihei II is rich in features!

The Kihei II ShowerSpa boldly transforms any shower! Enjoy the relaxing rain shower head...
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Model Name: Kona
Model Number: 1005
Color Options: White

The Kona blends classic style and modern technology!

The classic design incorporates a powerful multi-function massage showerhead, six adjustable body...
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Model Name: Lahaina
Model Number: 1030
Color Options: White

The Lahaina exudes tranquility!

The Lahaina PULSE ShowerSpa redefines luxury. A calming, soft white tempered glass with strong...
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Model Name: Leilani
Model Number: 1022
Color Options: Black

The Leilani boldly transforms!

Our Leilani ShowerSpa boldly transforms the ordinary shower into a luxurious shower system...
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Model Name: Makena II
Model Number: 1015-2
Color Options: Black

The Makena II redefines luxury!

The Makena II PULSE ShowerSpa redefines luxury. The bold, black tempered glass with strong but...
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Model Name: Maui
Model Number: 1002
Color Options: Black

The Maui is a statement of distinction!

It’s constructed of black tempered glass with tiny specks of gold in an elegant sweeping “S” shape...
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Model Name: Mojave
Model Number: 1016
Color Options:
Hammered Copper

The Southwest inspired Mojave is the Oasis of the bath!
A stunning combination of hand forged hammered copper
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Model Name: Molokai
Model Number: 1006
Color Options: White | Black

The Molokai says "Style"!

A soft teardrop of tempered glass incorporates 4 body sprays, oversized “rain” showerhead...
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Model Name: Molokai - BN
Model Number: 1006-BN
Color Options: Brushed Nickel

The Molokai says "Style"!

A soft teardrop of tempered glass incorporates 4 body sprays, oversized “rain” showerhead...
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Model Name: Molokai - ORB
Model Number: 1006-ORB
Color Options: Venetian Stone

The Molokai says "Style"!

A soft teardrop of tempered glass incorporates 4 body sprays, oversized “rain” showerhead...
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Model Name: Navajo
Model Number: 1018
Color Options:
Hammered Copper

The Navajo nurtures your spirit!
Another Southwest edition of the PULSE Premier Line, the Navajo ShowerSpa will nurture your spirit!

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Model Name: Oahu
Model Number: 1035
Color Options:
Brushed Stainless

The Oahu is elegantly strong!
Designed to impress, the Oahu ShowerSpa is a stronghold of function and performance...

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Model Name: Paradise
Model Number: 1025
Color Options:
Black and White

The Paradise is perfection!
The PULSE Premier Line has a new addition, The Paradise. This ShowerSpa has all stainless...

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Model Name: Santa Cruz
Model Number: 1033
Color Options:

The Santa Cruz will invigorate your senses!
With its' unique styling, the Santa Cruz PULSE ShowerSpa will transform your...

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Model Name: Vaquero
Model Number: 1027
Color Options:
Hammered Nickel

The Vaquero seamlessly blends old and new!
The old west inspired Vaquero ShowerSpa combines a rustic look with a contemporary feel!

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Model Name: Waimea
Model Number: 1034
Color Options:
Brushed Stainless

The Waimea balances style and indulgence!
The Waimea ShowerSpa is sure to make waves with the all metal, brushed...

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Model Name: NatureRain
Model Number: 1038-CH
Color Options:

The NatureRain - where form meets function!
This ShowerSpa installs onto your existing shower arm with no remodeling required and allows for the rain showerhead and the hand shower to work independently or in tandem.

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Adjustable Slide Bar
Model Number: 1010
Color Options: Chrome

The Slide Bar ....

The adjustable slide bar compliments the look of any Showerspa, while adding superb function. Position the hand-held to the ideal height and angle with an easy turn of the chrome handle.
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Kailua (#1007)
Kauai II (#1011)
Kihei II (#1013-GL)
Kona (#1005)
Lahaina (#1030)
Lanikai (#1028)
Leilani (#1022)
Makena II (#1015-2)
Maui (#1002)
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Molokai (#1006)
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